Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Koh Samet

After spending the last month preparing for my GRE, spending 48 hours in a cramped plane seat in the last 7 days and then coming home and spending 24 hours with a strange sickness that left me alternating between worshiping the porcelain throne and writhing in pain on the couch, I was totally ready to sit on a beach for a couple of days.

Luckilly Eric had Monday off because of the Thai holiday- King Chulalongkorn Day and we had already booked a beach vacation on Koh Samet- an island located two hours southeast of Bangkok.

The hotel we stayed at, Samet Ville Resort, was on Ao Wai- a private beach located on the southern tip of Koh Samet. When we booked the vacation, we selected  this resort because it was supposed to be secluded and romantic. Well, it was a lot more private than the other beaches on the island we passed as we rode the ferry to Ao Wai, it didn't have a ton of umbrellas covering the beach. However, a tip for those looking to have a romantic beach holiday- do not book it on a Thai holiday when hordes of Thai families are looking to escape the city for the weekend.

Ao Wai at Sunset
The beach at Ao Wai was very beautiful, the sand was like sugar and the staff at the resort worked very hard to keep the beach clean. We would see them out there every morning, sweeping the sand.

Much of our time on the beach was spent sitting in beach chairs and reading, taking a quick swim when we got too hot. Occasionally we would halfheartedly mention going for a walk, but we always came to the conclusion that the beach was much better. In other words, we were in full on lazy mode and it was excellent. We did spend hours watching crabs scurry around the beach, digging holes and fighting each other. As you can tell, we even named some of them. 

Big Mamajamma- one of our crabby friends
The winged insect actually escaped the clutches of the crab and lived to fly away.
View of the ocean from our cabin's porch.
All in all, it was a very relaxing vacation. There was only one thing that marred the otherwise awesome weekend. Some time during the weekend I was attacked by mysterious bugs that decided my legs looked like dinner. I never actually saw them, but they left quite an impression.
Why is Melanie making a sad panda face???

Because her legs look like this!

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