Saturday, October 9, 2010

99 Red Balloons

We have finally moved into our new condo. It is only about two blocks from our other apartment, but the neighborhood feels really different. It seems like most of our time is spent looking out our windows at the city below. It is better than television! Last Sunday we were entertained for about an hour by a gathering of people in the street across from our building. Many of them were wearing red shirts  and a few people were passing out balloons. At first Eric was a little concerned, but I said "They are handing out balloons- how dangerous can they be?"

After about 40 minutes, everyone with a balloon walked up on top of the pedestrian bridge over Rama IV.

 They then counted down from 10 and released the balloons into the air.

Once the balloons were released every one left the area. When we walked over the same pedestrian bridge to get dinner later that night, we noticed that there were handmade signs attached to the railings. Eric took some pictures and had one of his Thai co-workers translate the signs on Monday. Apparently they were commemorating the death of some citizens that occurred during protests in the 1970s.

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