Monday, November 29, 2010

What's for Dinner??

So, just as an advance warning- this post will contain copious amounts of food photos and absolutely no photos of cute monkeys or beautiful Thailand scenery. Consider yourself warned!

Both Eric and I get a lot of questions from friends and families back home. A lot of those questions have to do with food; "What's the food like?" (Answer = delicious) and "Have you eaten any bugs yet? " (Answer = no, not yet. But it is on my to-do list) "Do you eat rice everyday?" (Answer = nope)

So to alleviate some of our families' concerns about our diet, I thought I would  take a photo of what we ate for dinner for a whole week. I am sorry that some of the photos show half eaten food, sometimes we were so hungry that I was halfway through my meal before I remembered to take a picture.

Monday: The Dubliner Pub in Bangkok.
Club sandwich for me and a burger for Eric
You can't go to a pub and not get a beer, right?
 Tuesday: Tacos and homemade apple pie
All that is missing is the cheese

 Wednesday: Pad Thai and a salad from the street vendors
All of this cost only 40 baht ($1.50)

 Thursday: Thai steakhouse that I can never remember the name of.
Chicken Cordon Bleu

Friday: Hua Hin Night Market
Yes, that IS a 1/2 pound shrimp!
A napkin bikini to complement my girly drink

 Saturday: Hua Hin beach restaurant
BBQ ribs and deep fried sea bass
Som Tum and Tom Yum Goong

Sunday: Street Vendors at the Loy Krathong celebration
Pork, pickles and eggs, oh my!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Break It Down

While we were in Hua Hin, one of our stops was the Cicada Market, which besides having a cool stage show and market stalls, also had an impromptu break-dancing exhibition by the front gate. I was in awe of what these Thai boys could do!! Here is just a sample:

Celebrating Loy Krathong

This weekend we celebrated our first Thai holiday, Loy Krathong, with our friends Suwat and Tanya. The day actually began with us being woken up by a procession outside our hotel in Hua Hin. A large group of Thai men, women and children were singing, dancing and playing drums as they moved down the street. They grabbed Eric and were trying to convince him to dance with them down the street!

One of the things on my list of things to see in Thailand was monkeys so after breakfast, Suwat took us up to a monastery overlooking Hua Hin. I forgot the name of the monastery, so I dubbed it "Monkey Monastery"

Looks so peaceful, hard to believe it is full of monkeys!
Maybe I should rethink my idea of taking a monkey home as a pet...
Someone left food in the back of their pickup truck- big mistake.
Awwww... baby monkeys!
It was scary watching the monkeys fight over the corn cobs on the ground.
Meditating monkey

I can't believe this monkey is giving me the bird!

After leaving the Monkey Monastery we left Hua Hin and headed back to Bangkok. Along the way we stopped at the Amphawa Floating Market to buy our krathong. This is the first floating market we've been to in Thailand. It was cool to see boats moving up and down the water, selling food to people sitting along the docks.

Our krathong

At dusk we made our way to the Rama VIII Bridge in Bangkok in order to release our krathong into the Chao Phraya River. It took us about an hour to travel the short distance to the river, trying to avoid hitting the throngs of people making their way to the river. Once we finally made it to the river, we were hit with a wall of light- with lanterns floating over head and fireworks exploding over the river. We then lit the candle and incense on our krathong and send out worries floating down the river, to be immediately scooped up by men in boats right offshore. Oh, well- it's the thought that counts! 


Monday, November 15, 2010


What do you do when your husband's co-worker gives you what feels like 500 beautiful yellow roses and you don't own a single vase, let alone one large enough to hold all of them? Why you improvise of course!
Yes- that is a stock pot. Fancy schmancy eh?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Home Sweet Home

After waiting for two months, our sea shipment of household goods finally arrived last Monday. This is what our living room looked like 15 minutes after the movers unpacked everything and hightailed it out of our apartment.
There is a couch and a table under here somewhere

I forgot how much stuff we brought

So, needless to say, I've been spending the last week trying to clean and organize everything, and after a brief battle with a stuffed octopus, I have completed the two most important areas: my fiber wall and our bookshelf. Our apartment is finally starting to feel like home.

Action shot of the epic octopus battle.

Nom Nom Nom... Fibery goodness...

Looking at this wall makes me happy!