Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mini Mixed Media Art

For the last three months I have been organizing a swap on Craftster called The 4x6 Art Swap. In this swap, participants make a 4x6 piece of art to send to a mystery partner. Not being tied to any theme or specific material is really freeing. The variety of different mediums used is astounding. Here are the four pieces of art that I have created. Being new to mixed media, I was worried about starting a huge project, so these mini mixed media art pieces have been a great way to play around and test out new techniques.

When creating this piece I used my new Dylusions spray inks. The colors of these inks are so vibrant, but I wasn't too careful when I sprayed them on, so I looked like I choked a rainbow for about two days after I was done. The text is stamped on to vellum and distressed and the butterfly is chipboard that I colored with Distress stain and embossed.

This piece started out as a collage of packing material, candy foil wrappers and tissue paper. On top I applied alcohol inks and texture medium.

I used rub-ons for the birdcage and a mix of alcohol inks for the blue on the bottom of this piece.

Besides having my favorite Mythbuster's quote, this piece has felt, hand dyed fiber, texture medium and embroidery. I absolutely love this piece of art.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spinning Yarn Should Be An Olympic Event

If the Olympics can have rhythmic gymnastics or what ever that sport with the dancing horses is called, I think that spinning could definitely qualify as an Olympic event. In fact, they used to award Olympic medals for works of art inspiried by sports. That is a tradition they should bring back.

Like most of the world, I've spent the last two weeks glued to the television, enthralled with the Olympics. But I didn't just sit there idly- I took the opportunity to spin up some fun new yarns.

Off The Deep End
346 yards- 100% Merino

Mmmmm... squishy

70 yards- Merino,Bamboo,  Mohair, Firestar

Definitely looks Rowdy

Look at all that texture!