Saturday, February 5, 2011

January Musings

Standard Intro:
Well, it is time for me to write another of these “blog” things. I really don’t know how to do this, so I’ll just do a brain dump, which means I’m going to ramble and meander my way around and finally just abruptly stop.

Here are some of the things that happened to me since my last edition:

About a month ago, we were coming home from work and we saw this black smoke in the distance. Then the traffic started getting really bad, almost gridlock bad. Then we saw fire trucks. As we approached the source of the smoke we found out it is a coach bus…on fire! I don’t have more information that that, but I saw a bus on fire! Weird!

That same week I received an email from a coworker and it turns out that the security guards at my work found and killed a 3.5-4 foot long king cobra snake in our parking lot! So that is exciting! For those who are coming to visit, do not Google search King Cobra- you've been warned

(image is not of the one from work...that one was missing its head)

One weekend in January we went to a place called Holland Beer Haus. It is very similar to the German Beer Haus. A bunch of people were going there after work for a coworkers birthday, but they were not going to get there until 8:00. So I went home and picked up Melanie waited an hour or so and headed back to the beer haus.

On the way back up I realized I didn’t know where I was going, well, I had an idea, but I did not know for sure. So, when we got close I pulled into a gas station and tried to ask the person behind the counter for direction. Of course I can’t speak any Thai and unfortunately they didn’t speak English. I said I wanted to go to the Holland Beer Haus, and she was like “Heineken?” I was like…wow, that makes sense. Then tried to pantomime big building, windmill, etc. She was like Oh…yeah…go that way 3 km…but this was in broken English and some Thai, but I understood and said "Thank You" and went back out to the car and we continued our journey. We arrived at the restaurant, which was exactly 3 km down the road. Our group ended up being late, but that is okay, Melanie and I enjoyed some beer and sun dried pork strips (so tasty.) When everyone showed up we watched a live band and ate lots of food. And the band sang happy birthday to the birthday boy….which brings me to another story…

I have noticed that the Thai people sing happy birthday in English….I don’t know if this is because I was present, or if it always happens that way…and the song is very similar to the happy birthday song I grew up with…but a little different…Let me sing it for you (now imagine me singing this out of key and to the with no rhythm, because I am a Rock God!)

American Version:
Happy Birthday to you / Happy Birthday to you / Happy Birthday Dear Billy Bob / Happy Birthday to you.

Thai Version:
Happy Birthday to you / Happy Birthday to you / Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday / Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you / Happy Birthday to you / Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday / Happy Birthday to you.

Yeah they sign it twice while clapping their hands…actually I kind of like it, plus you don’t have to remember the special person’s name.

The worlds most expensive street food!

One other weekend we went out with some friends, we started the night at the most expensive street food vendor in Bangkok …but it was very, very good. While we were there a friend of a friend showed up and was talking with us as we all enjoyed a few beers. She asked what I did and I said I was a process engineer for a manufacturing company, she immediately asks if I was from Wisconsin ….I was like..huh? Yeah…why? She said she could tell by the way I said manufacturing…I still don’t understand what she means, but very impressive none the less.

We had a Thai Massage the other day. It was 2 hours long and cost about $15. Not too bad. For those who don’t know, a Thai massage is more than just someone rubbing you, they also bend you and stretch you. The lady I had this time also stood on me….a lot. I have only had 3 massages since I was here, but each time they were able to pop my hip back in place (yay) and the first two I felt great, this last one was a little different…I don’t know if it was all the stepping or what, but I am still sore (and it has been 3 days!) Now keep in mind this is not a bad sore, it is a sore like I have been working out. I think I need to find a person I like, and get her name....maybe next time.

Standard outro?? Or whatever you call the end of something
I think this is enough words for one post…If I can convince Melanie to give up the camera for a week I will do a post called…The Crazy Things I See To and From Work.

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  1. Eric,
    I love how you sing Happy Birthday to You! U crack me Too late on the cobra! ewwww I already googled it! not fun!
    I am however looking forward to one of those awesome massages!
    love ya '