Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Bangkok at night

Last night Eric and I celebrated our wedding anniversary at Vertigo, an al fresco restaurant located 61 floors above the city of Bangkok. When I made the reservations for dinner, I was told that they have a strict dress code. Men must wear pants and closed-toe shoes and women can't wear shorts or flip flops. Most of these requirements are not a problem, I made sure that Eric and I both brought along dress clothes in our suitcases. However, I neglected to bring along any dress shoes. The closest thing I had was a black pair of flip flops. So I spent four hours yesterday searching for shoes in my size.

Those of you that know me, know that I am tall and I have big feet to match. I usually wear a size 11 shoe and sometimes it is even hard for me to find shoes in the US.  So I knew at the outset that this was probably going to be a fruitless search, but I had to try anyway. After looking in three department stores and four malls, I only found one pair of shoes bigger than a size 8. So, as a last resort I headed to the hobby section of Siam Paragon- to see if I could find any sewing supplies to alter my black flip flops. 

Success! I was able to find some black ribbon that I used to make my flip-flops look like sandals. It's not very fashionable, but it was enough to get me past the man checking everyone for dress code vioaltions at the door.
Flip-flops in disguise.

Once we stepped out on to the roof, we were blown away by the view. We could see the city spread out below us in every direction, and there is nothing like a huge city lit up at night. The highlight of the dinner was watching a storm move into the city. We could see it raining less than a mile from us, and we were mesmerized as is swept across the city, narrowly missing us as we enjoyed our dinner.

Looking east. You can see our new apartment!

The food was spectacular as well. When we go out for dinner, we rarely get desert. Tonight, we decided that since it was our anniversary, we would have desert with our meal. We ordered the Chocolate fantasy- it came with four different types of ice cream, brownies, and cookies. Eric was in sugar heaven!

Almost to pretty to eat!

All in all, it was a great meal with great company that more than made up for the hassle of trying to find shoes that met the dress code!


  1. oh my gosh those shoes are amazing!!! You could totally market that Mel! Nice work!!!!!

  2. lol- thanks for the compliment. I was just glad they stayed on my feet!

  3. LOVE the shoes! I have a lot of flip flops you could practice on if you want! You had such a perfect night to be up there! Now I want to go too :-)

  4. Great story, and yes, love the flip-flops!

  5. How awesome! What a beautiful view! Glad to hear you had a great time! Nice job on the shoes Mel! love you and Eric !
    Dad and Mom Baumgart

  6. Wow! Great pics of the city at night...and great way to get around the flip flop problem. I wear a size 9-9.5, so should be interesting when I finally try to buy something here!

  7. yeah, it will be hard for you to find shoes. I have heard that there are stores for the ladyboys to buy footwear. But I haven't yet discovered where those stores are. If I find something I will let you know!