Thursday, July 1, 2010

First Impressions of Thailand

Well, its been a week since we've gotten back from our house hunting trip to Thailand. I can honestly say that a lot of my fears and anxieties about picking up our lives and moving halfway around the world have been dispelled. Before the trip I was about 90% worried about moving and 10% excited, and after the trip those percentages have flip flopped.

I think what really eased my fears was how kind and easy going the Thai people are. Also, the great food and beautiful scenery helped too!

Well, enough of my jibber jabber- on to the photos!!!

This tree has grown around a sandstone Buddha head

The ruins of the old capital of Thailand.

The new HTI Plant
Chatuchak market: One of the largest markets in Thailand. It is only open on the weekends, but you can buy pretty much any thing there. We only went through a small portion of it.

Our friends Greg and Mary were approached by this group of school girls. Apparently they needed to find Americans and ask them a series of questions. I think they gave Greg a pin for helping them out.Monitor lizards in Lumpini Park
The Reclining Buddha
Decoration around the Grand Palace

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  1. Wow, how very beautiful and amazing this looks! I bet you will find no end to inspiration to your art and crafts here. I hope you find some new crafts too that someone can teach you there that no one knows here. Wow! Hazel