Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Final Countdown

It is exactly one month before we fly back to Thailand and we have been very busy preparing for the big move. We've gone through all of our possessions and separated them into lists; store, sell, and take with us.

We are not taking a lot of our things as we are going to get a furnished apartment and much of our furniture is college hand me downs. We've managed to sell our car, truck, motorcycle and most of our smaller possessions. The only thing we have left to sell is our house.

Last week the moving company came and did a survey to determine how many boxes they would need to pack up all of our stuff. They will be back on August 23rd to put everything in a shipping container and an air freight package.

This week we are working on applying for our visas. Eric will need to get a non-immigrant business "B" visa as well as a work permit in order to work in Thailand. I will get a non-immigrant "O" visa, which is for spouses of Thai nationals or those with a "B" visa. There is a lot of paperwork required, but luckily we are getting help!