Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Epic Search for IPA- The Thrilling Conclusion

As promised, here is the thrilling conclusion to our epic search for IPA beer in Bangkok. 

And the thrilling conclusion is this: IPA beer CANNOT be found in Bangkok- it just does not exsist in any bar, grocery store or back alley market. Sorry for those who read my first post in the hopes of finding a super secret source of IPA beer in Bangkok.

Our first taste of IPA beer in Bangkok was actually provided by our awesome friend Jamie, who brought us some bottles of Samuel Adams IPA on her recent visit to the Land of Smiles. This was a suprise for Eric, who almost broke down into tears of joy when presented with the bottles. Seriously, I have never seen someone so happy about two bottles of beer!

This is the face of a very happy man

Since we couldn't find IPA in Bangkok, we had to resort to drastic measures to get our hop fix. We decided that the only solution was to plan a vacation getaway to a location nearby that had IPA beer. We decided on Singapore because it not only has IPA beer in bottles, it is also home to Brewerkz, a microbrewery that brews 13 different beers, including TWO types of IPA. We planned our entire vacation around this brewery, even picking a hotel that was within walking distance. Some may say we are crazy to plan an entire vacation around beer, but those people have obviously never had an IPA before.

Brewerkz is located on Clarke Quay along the Singapore River. It is a bustling tourist area with a huge selection of bars, restaurants, and other eateries. Despite this fact, we still went back to Brewerkz every night for the four nights we were in Singapore. Yes, we did explore the city (more on that to come) but a large portion of our time was spent sipping IPA next to the river. It was one of the best vacations ever.

It is a thing of beauty

I was really impressed with the selection of beer

Sign on the floor to direct you to the bathroom


  1. I love your blogs! Keep em coming! You two seriously need to write a book when you get back home you both have great writing skills! It is so fun to read about all your experiences!
    love ya

  2. what a great hubby is a beer snob fact so is my BIL and my brother......funny, I never thought about it before!

  3. Gentlemen, I feel your pain. I've traveled extensively in LOS and will be moving there in June from AZ.

    Tops on my list of business plans is opening a spot with my wife. And serving good beer (i.e. IPAs, Ambers, Pilsners, etc.) none of which can be found in Thailand.

    By any chance have you researched distribution channels or reached out to any brewers in the States?

  4. Lady & Gentleman I should have said...

  5. DG- we haven't looked into distribution channels etc. We did have our relatives talk to distributors in the US and they said they can't/won't ship to an individual in Thailand. It may be different for a business though.

    good luck on your bar/restaurant and when you open, let me know- we will be the first to buy an IPA!

  6. I am based in Laos, and actually, am planning to go to BKK in two weeks and am very disappointed to hear your conclusion - IPA just doesn't exist in BKK! It's so disappointing. I booked the ticket (non refundable) and can't change the vacation plan to Singapore anymore...

  7. just got back hong kong...2:45 minute flight from BKK. there is plenty of IPA there, west coast style as well.

  8. Have you tried a place on Soi Tonglor (Sukhumvit Soi 55) called Brew? Purportedly has the best selection of beer in Bangkok. Not sure if they have IPA's but it's worth a shot. Here's their Facebook info: