Sunday, March 13, 2011

Singapore's Other Attractions

While we chose to travel to Singapore because of their beer selection, we were able to drag ourselves away from our riverside table at Brewerkz in order to see some of Singapore's great sights and eat some amazing food.

The first place we visited was Fort Canning Park. It was the first time we actually walked up a hill in almost 6 months. Living in flat-as-a pancake Bangkok almost made me forget what a hill looked like.

Fort Canning Park
What are those called again... Oh yeah, hills.
Former police station turned Ministry of Art and Communications

Very convincing "Keep Out" signs
Our next stop was to Singapore's Chinatown. There we wandered through a market that sold everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to women's clothing.

Entrance/Exit for the MRT subway in Chinatown
mmmm... fresh fruit
On our third day in Singapore, we really didn't have anything planned, so Eric came up with the brilliant idea of just hoping on the MRT and taking it to a random stop. We eventually decided to get off at the Harbour Front stop, because we wanted to actually see the harbor and marina. Once we arrived at that stop we spotted signs for a cable car, and continuing with the spur of the moment theme, decided to try it out. 

Waiting to exit the loading area
Boy, was that a great decision. The cable car took us up and over the harbor and to Sentosa Island, an island covered in amusement rides, resorts, and casinos. While we didn't feel like going on any amusement rides, we did enjoy people watching and exploring the island.

A unique view of Singapore

Shipping containers galore!
Monks in their beautiful orange robes fit right in this garden
Merlion- half lion, half mermaid
On our last night in Singapore we decided to check out the area further down the Singapore River, There we wandered around, soaking in the unique architecture. My favorite building was The Esplanade, an arts and cultural center also known as "The Durians" because the building looks like two durian fruit. My least favorite was the brand new Marina Sands hotel/mall/casino- to me it looks like they plopped a boat down onto three buildings, although the inner geek in me loved the double helix bridge with its a to t and c to g lights in the floor.

Luckily they don't smell like durian

Double helix bridge leading to the Marina Sands
While we were out and about in Singapore, we took the opportunity to try some awesome food and drinks at some very unique restaurants and bars including:

Da Dong Restaurant in Chinatown. This was the first time that Eric and I had tried dim sum. It was always something that I've wanted to try, but for some reason never had. I think I am hooked now- I mean steamed buns filled with meat, what could be any better??
Sooo much dim sum...

Glutton's Bay near the Esplanade. This is a collection of great hawker street food vendors, and we had a hard time choosing our dinner. In the end we decided on the satay and the roti john. Washed down with an ice cold Tiger beer of course.

Satay and beer- they were meant for each other.
Messy but delicious.

I think the weirdest place that we found though was at Clarke Quay. Located across the river from our hotel was an entertainment area filled with interesting bars and restaurants.

When the outside looks like this, I can't resist checking it out
Inside this entertainment area, we found a bar called "The Clinic". The first time we walked by the bar, we had to stop and do a double take. We then shook our heads and kept walking down the sidewalk. About 15 minutes later, our curiosity got the better of us, and we had to go back and try it out.

In this outdoor bar you sit in chairs that look like these:
Yes, that is a gold wheel chair.
And you drink your drinks out of this:
I.V. mixed drinks
The business end replaces a needle with a straw.
We had a great time, sitting in our wheel chairs, drinking IV mixed drinks and basking in the confused stares of other pedestrians. It was definitely a unique experience!


  1. Oh My Goodness! The pictures are truly amazing! Great Job! What a beautiful country!!
    I especially love the gold wheelchairs and IV drinks how unique is that! You think that concept would work in the US?
    love ya

  2. Thanks Becky! The Clinic would probably well in the US, who can resist drinking IV drinks while sitting in a gold wheelchair- no one :-)

  3. We LOVE Singapore!!! My BFF from college has lived there for 20+ years, and Hubby had to go there for work 7 times over two years. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Singapore!!

  4. Erica, Singapore is pretty cool. The only downside is that everything is sooo expensive. It's quite a sticker shock after being in Bangkok.

  5. Really interesting article. The picture you have snapped look natural even I was unable to snap such type great images. Anyway thanks for dropping amazing experience in lovely Singapore country.