Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Camping" in Thailand

Camping has to be one of the best ways to spend a weekend. Many of our summer weekends (and even some not-so-summery weekends) were spent with friends or family at one of  the many state parks in Wisconsin.

What camping in March in Wisconsin looks like
Camping was one of the things that we thought that we would have to give up once we moved to Thailand. We were pleasantly surprised when one or our friends suggested a camping excursion to an undisclosed location in Thailand (Seriously, I promised under the threat of pain to not reveal the location, lest it become overrun with tourists and start to look like Pattaya).

I use the word "camping" very loosely when describing this camping experience in Thailand- it is nothing like the camping we are used to in Wisconsin. To me camping consists of planning meals, packing equipment in to our backpacks or car/motorcycle, making sure we have plenty of beer, sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows and telling funny stories.

Or wandering around in the woods trying to figure out where we are...

At the resort ( yes, resort) we camped at in March, everything is provided for you. They set up your tent, provide you with a sleeping pad and pillow and breakfast, lunch and dinner are all made for you in the resort kitchen. The only thing we had to worry about was bringing enough booze, because it's not really camping if there is no beer involved, right? 

I could really get used to this style of camping, except for one crucial element which was missing from the weekend. There was NO CAMPFIRE! Other than that missing element, it was a great vacation with awesome friends in a beautiful part of Thailand.

Despite what the sign says- there was no campfire.
Our tents set up in a row
They had props for photo ops
Love this library card cabinet!

Loved the beautiful flowers covering the hill
Nothing makes you feel like a kid again like a merry-go-round
Beautiful view of the valley
Enjoying the view and the Singha
"I shall rule them all!!"
Sunset over the valley

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