Sunday, April 10, 2011

Playing Tour Guide

Last week we had our first official visitors! Eric's parents, Tim and Becky, flew over from Wisconsin and we spent 10 days together. It was their first trip to Thailand and our first chance to play tour guide and to show off how well we've adjusted to living in a huge city. 

Since Eric's parents were only in Bangkok for a few days, we tried to fit as many must-visit tourist sites as possible into that time. So we visited:

Standing in front of the giants at The Grand Palace
It was hard to resist taking these cute kittens home with us.

Climbing down the scariest steps EVER!
A long tail boat ride through the khlongs (canals) in Bangkok:

While in the planning stages of their visit, we repeatedly warned Tim and Becky that they would be visiting during Thailand's hot season and to be prepared to be drenched in sweat every day. We thought that the best way to beat the heat would be to spend 4 days on Nai Harn beach in Phuket. So of course that means they arrive during the coldest and wettest March that Thailand's had in years! We refused to let the rain spoil our fun and it's amazing how empty a beach is when it's raining out.

Toasting to vacation. We wouldn't see the sun again for 4 days.
Beached sailboat. It took them hours to get it free
Nai Harn Beach in the rain


  1. Thanks to you both very much for a fabutastic good time! Your both are the best tour guides EVER!
    You continue to amaze us with your ability to adapt so wonderfully and quickly! We love you both lots and lots!

  2. It was our pleasure! I hope you guys can make it back so we can show you everything we couldn't fit in this time :)