Monday, September 6, 2010

Mission Accomplished- Again!

This weekend we finally picked out the condo where we will be living in Bangkok. Jan from Thai Property Guide picked us up at our temporary apartment and showed us five condos in our new building. Eric and I decided to live in a condo on the 36th floor. The picture above is the view of the city from our new living room.

Here are some more photos of the condo.

Guest bedroom: If you decide to come and visit us- this is were you will be sleeping. We will replace the two twin beds with our queen bed once we get our sea shipment.

Master bedroom: I am in love with the chair along the window. Eric and I can already see ourselves reading in this chair and looking out over the city.

Kitchen: The condo owner will purchase a microwave and a refrigerator for the kitchen.

Dining room/Living room.

Right now we have a move in date of October 1st. We wish it could be sooner, but we have to wait until Eric gets his work permit and for our air shipment to arrive.


  1. Looks amazing. We will see about scraping together our pennies to come visit.

  2. Looks amazing! I am loving the view and the chair by the window!